Ubuntu Support getting worse?

I’m using Ubuntu for about five years now. I like it. I prefer it instead of other OS’s. And I always chose the Long Term Support (LTS) releases of Ubuntu.

Recently I updated my netbook from 9.04 through 9.10 to 10.04. Now I have a couple of problems. That’s not new, I’m used to a few problems after an OS upgrade. Not a big deal. Unfortunately all the problems and bug that appeared with Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx) are already reported in Launchpad for a long time. But they are not solved. It seems that nobody is working on it. Well, it’s a free operating system and I should not expect too much. But, at least, I hoped for the same kind of support that I experienced with earlier releases; especially if it’s called Long Term Support.

Currently I’m looking for solutions of the follwing bugs (LG netbook X 110):

  • WLAN is no longer working with some WLAN access points. Bug report: #545443 (similar, but fo Eee PC), #496093 (again Eee PC; wish I had bought Asus, not for the machine, but to be in bug mainstream land).
  • Error messages on boot and while running. Bug report: #595329, #575985, #547147. All of the bug reports have been filed a year ago. One is reassigned to and “solved”. But it still occurs on my machine. What should I do?
  • System hibernates even when battery is full. Bug report: #576373 (Reported on 2010-05-06, Status: new, Importance: Undecided), #531190 (Reported on 2010-03-03, Status: Confirmed/Triaged, Importance: Critical/High). Note the long list of “Duplicates of this bug”. Should I click all of those links?

Maybe I have to dive deeper into the bugs…

If I missed an easy solution for one of the bugs, please let me know.

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