Ubuntu font problem (probably) solved (for me)

For a couple of month (sic!) I had a problem with a weird font on my ubuntu system. For some reason, monospace text looked perfectly unreadable sometimes(sic! again 😉 ). I found many problem desciptions, for example in the ubuntu forums, but no solution.

Now I solved the problem on my own by accident. It seems that the origin is a font called “History Repeating”. At a large scale it looks like the above image. At a small scale it’s unreadable. The image shows the correct (sic III.!) rendering. So, it doesn’t look like the font was corrupted when I installed it. For some reason the font was chosen as the monospace font for listings sometimes by mistake.

I “solved” the problem by removing the font from /usr/share/fonts. At the moment everything looks fine, but I’m not sure how long… If something happens after a day or a reboot, I will post that…

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